Welcome to DeBox CryptoKitties Holder Group

DBX Global is a Web3 social platform based on blockchain DID. DBX Global focuses on solving the problem of social information authenticity and reducing fraud. DBX Global will provide decentralized social features and services for Web 3.0 communities, such as holding tokens to chat, open platforms for DAO tools, multi-dimensional social graphs, etc.

Install DBX Global

Method 1: Search DBX Global on the APP Store or Google Play on your phone, then download DBX Global APP.

Method 2: Visit DBX Global Official website https://debox.pro/, choose Android or IOS according to your phone, download and install DBX Global.

Login with crypto wallet

Users who already had a Web3.0 wallet can be connected to your wallet through "Wallet Connect". You only need to confirm that the wallet signature can be connected to log in successfully.

  1. Click WalletConnet and choose a wallet that you own.

  2. Confirm verification and your wallet has been connected.

Other login method: https://help.debox.space/what-is-dbx-global/introduction

Join the DeBox CryptoKitties Holder Group

Click https://debox.space/dao/T5cdoD06 or scan the QrCode below with DeBox App:

Note:There should be at least one CryptoKitties NFT in the Current DeBox Account.

Change Your Avatar in DebBox

Click Profile -> NFT

Click “CryptoKitties”,select one kitty,click “As PFP”。

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