How to batch exchange WG0 to Gen0 Kitties?

Step 1:Select the ID of Gen0

1 WG0 can exchange to 1 Gen0.

Open , Select the ID you want to exchange, record the ID, for example: 1193485,1189031,1172514.

Step 2:Connect wallet on etherscan


and Click”Connect to Web3“

After Connecting to Web3:

Step 3:Input data in burnTokensAndWithdrawKitties

_kittiesIds example:


_destinationAddresses example:


Input your wallet address, if you exchange 3 gen0 kitties, repeat your wallet address three times.

Step 4: Click "Write" button and confirm in your wallet

Click the "Write" button in step 3 and confirm in your wallet. After the tx confirmed, you will receive Gen0 kitties. You can check them on or .

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