The Test Steps of Wrapped Gen0 on Testnet

1 Add BSC TEST Chain with MetaMask

1.1 Click

1.2 Click “Add to MetaMask”

2 Apply BSC TEST Tokens


You need open the discord link to apply test tokens by discord.

3 mint Gen0 Test NFTs

3.1 Click

3.2 Click “Connect to Web3”

3.3 Click the "Write" button below "5. mintTop3000" and confirm in MetaMask. You can click several times to mint more test NFTs.

4 Check your test NFTs on OpenSea

4.1 Click

4.2 Connect your wallet on OpenSea

4.3 Click Owner-> Me to check your NFTs

5 approve to 721WG0 contract

5.1 Click:

5.2 Click “Connect to Web3”

5.3 approve your test NFTs to 721WG0 contract

721WG0 contract address:


6 Wrap old NFT to new NFT by 721WG0 contract

6.1 Click 721WG0 contract:

6.2 Click “Connect to Web3”

6.3 Input your test NFT id approved last step,click “Write” button and confirm in your wallet.

After the transaction is confirmed , you chan check you new 721WG0 NFT from opensea testnet :

7 Others

7.1 Unwrap your 721WG0 NFT to old NFT

7.1.1 Click 721WG0 contract:

7.1.2 Click “Connect to Web3”

7.1.3 Input your new 712WG0 tokenId ,click “Write” button and confirm in your wallet.

7.2 Wrapped CryptoKitties Contract

Wrapped CryptoKitties contract is different from the Wrapped Gen0 CryptoKitties contract, any kitties can be wrapped to Wrapped CryptoKitties contract.

Wrapped CryptoKitties contract address:

The steps is similar to wrap 721WG0NFT, when approve on the original test NFT contract,you need approve to the Wrapped CryptoKitties contract address:


7.3 Swap between ERC-20 WG0 and 721WG0 NFT

Relative contract addresses:

  • Orignal Test NFT contract:0x8f14033f6d58447995ceea31d983ebf7b63868b8

  • ERC-20 WG0 contract:0x183ad924bf1d2375c7b317f3de031743303aa768

  • ERC-721 721WG0 contract: 0x9467063d8a25b6eea9cc39a270878d92e4559816

Test steps:

7.3.1 approve your test NFT id to WG0 contract on Test NFT contract .

WG0 contract address: 0x183ad924bf1d2375c7b317f3de031743303aa768

7.3.2 input the kitty id array on WG0 contract , execute depositKittiesAndMintTokens function.

_kittyIds input example: [101,102]

The NFTs should be yours.

7.3.3 execute approve on WG0 contract, approve 721WG0 contract can transfer your WG0 ERC-20 token.

Input params of approve function:

  • spender(721WG0): 0x9467063d8a25b6eea9cc39a270878d92e4559816

  • amount: 10000000000000000000000000

7.3.4 execute "swapFromWG0" function on 721WG0 contract,swap WG0 tokens to WG0NFT。

  • The swap amount should be less or equal than your WG0 amount.

  • The receiver address will be the owner of 721WG0 NFT

  • The owner of kittyIds should be WG0 contract,find the available kitty ids by this link.

7.3.5 execute "swapToWG0" function on 721WG0 contract to swap 721WG0 NFT to ERC-20 WG0. The owner of kittyIds should be your wallet address.

7.4 Swap between ERC-20 WVG0 and 721WG0 NFT

The steps is similar to 7.3. You need to change "WVG0" to "WG0", change "swapFromWG0" to "swapFromWVG0", change "swapToWG0" to "swapToWVG0".

Relative contract addresses:

  • Orignal Test NFT contract:0x8f14033f6d58447995ceea31d983ebf7b63868b8

  • ERC-20 WVG0 contract:0xa011e0a4afde8a55d8ae2cb2cba02026b023f51e

  • ERC-721 721WG0 contract: 0x9467063d8a25b6eea9cc39a270878d92e4559816

7.5 Contracts Source Code

7.6 Feedback

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